My valuebetting journey,(niko from italy)

good morning,
I share with you my results after 45 days of valuebetting.
One month as a starter member, 15 days as a pro member.


Can you in the future split the stats between “starter” and “pro” to have comparison ?.
I have been a starter subscriber for about 6 months and only wanted to switch to pro if it actually earns me twice as much considering the cost of the subscription (me too from italy)

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for now I can not tell you if it is actually cheaper … I had unlocked it for betfair as an extra book but the odds never match

Are youbetting on every sport and every single value bet that you can get on? Or do you avoid any types of bets that show up? Im curious because Ive been value betting for 4 months, and keep avoiding basketball and baseball because everytime I bet on these sports I see my profit swallowed up !

after some time I avoided basketball because it took me at a loss but then I decided to include all sports and now basketball has brought me 9.1% so in my opinion it is better to have all sports present