My valuebetting journey, (over 10k. Bets)


Starting bankroll= 500€
Kelly= 30%
Value= min 4.
Odds= 1 - 2,7
Time= 15h.


wow, congrats for the 10k bets. Nice and steady. How long did it take to place so many bets ?

Around One year. (June and July I took a break).

Pro plan?
How many bookmakers?
Average daily bets?

I use valuebetting Pro.
Bet365, Nordicbet, ComeOn, veikkaus
30-50 average daily bets.

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Thanks for the answer.
Great results!

So you have been using only these bookmakers since you started one year ago ? They did not limit you ?

when i started i was also in use Unibet (+clones) and mobilebet. but they are all limit me.

So at the moment I use these four.

What is your max stake atm?

In the beginning i was in use
“adjust for open bets” (for this reason mine AVG.stake IS 8€)

The last three months i have gone without. My Max. Stake IS now 30€


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what bookies ?

This is my setup now.

you bet on all sports

Yes, all sports👍

you use adjust for open bet?

in the beginning yes. Now i dont .
My Max bet IS now 40€

partypoker limited you fast right ?

Over 15 000 bets :slightly_smiling_face:

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why is your average stake so low after 15000 bets ?