Need help! how to make new accounts)

hello everyone! after some months turning 20 into 400 1xbet finnaly reduced my odds! im from portugal and its the only bookie that i can find valuebets here! i bought a vpn and im gonna make new account with my girlfriend name! but theres a catch and i would like to know how you do it, that is the adress validation! 1xbet never asked me for this before but its in the rules that they can ask for it and then the money will be gone if i dont provide the documents! so how to you counter this/ get address etc?

Multi ID’ing is a bit of an art so you need some help. Bookies are really clued up to this now and unless you adopt a professional method you will get detected and all your winnings lost.

Not sure if I will get smacked down by moderation if I give you a direct email but maybe sms me with an email address on 0048698295117 and I will try and help. If you do go down this route and multi ID you will need to invest some time and organisation to make it bullet proof.

Bookies do not like winners and arbers or value bettors so you will be up against this constantly unless you devise a method of making a strategy work on Betfair or one of the other exchanges.