Need help to understand Asian Handicap

i have tried to read online how asina handicap bets works but i still not understand it, im using bet365, william hill and unibet and i cant find the asian handicap bets, can someone explain it to me , maybe with some screenshot example please?

Hi and welcome to the Community!
What is it that you don’t understand regarding AH bets? Could you be more specific?
Have you read our Asian Handicap FAQ?

the part that i dont understand is where can i find the bet on the bookmaker, for example in the following screeshot the rebel betting software sais that should be an asian handicap bet +0 but in the bookmaker i cant find it, the minimum is + or - 0.5

is in the right side at odds 1.65…you can’t see your 1.94odds because the odds has changed fast so they are not there anymore.

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and yes… the odds have changed and this would be a negative value bet

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that’s right

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