Negative CLV - Beginner

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question.
I know that I have just started and placed vey few bets, however, I think I might be getting something wrong with the system.

I got an average value of 6.14%, which I don’t really understand as I’m on the free trial and betting always under 5%. I’m usually betting on minimum 4%, but it still doesn’t explain the 6% average value. In addition, I’m getting a negative CLV of -1.8%, is it something normal at the beginning or am I getting something wrong? I have been betting on <24h bets.



The only valid explanation to this dashboard is that you’ve placed too few bets. Get to atleast 500-1000 before re-evaluating, you could stick with the default settings and tweak after the 1k bet mark(even though that’s still nothing).

I agree that I’ve just placed a few bets. I was just wondering how is it possible to have an average value that is higher than the value of all the bets I place and if it’s normal to have a slightly negative CLV. Thanks for the reply

If you click on the “Learn more Reports” in the bottom right of the dashboard you can read the explanation on the different metrics.
So right now you have a negative average CLV and you have 8% yield… That does not mean much with so few bets. It could be the other way arround… positive CLV but with a loss :stuck_out_tongue:
I would emphasize, and add, to what @Lm10 wrote. Put down a few thousand bets. Volume and frequency of turnover is key!

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Sure thanks, will do!