New account procedure

Happy new year. Questions for making new account:

  1. Is there a procedure I have to go through to open a new account with my brother’s info? (Things like new device and such)
    I read a lot of things here and others saying it’s not necessary so I got confused.

  2. I used skrill to deposit money to my old account. Can I use my credit card on my brother’s account or is it suspicious that it has the same name with a restricted account?

  3. Should I just use a broker and not worry about these things?

Any help will be really appreciated!

I’m curious about that too. Hour ago my account was limited after 15k return (600$ profit) in last month. I have other bet365 accounts, but there is something i need to do, like change IP, device? information on this would be very helpful

I would rather follow the rule, don’t make mistakes. Don’t make it easier for the bookies. Today, everyone can deduce, not only the IP, but also the device and many other things. VPN, all deposits / withdrawals must go to a specific identity. For example, in my country, if I’m going to play in local books, I don’t even want to use purses. If you have the possibility to withdraw cash (multi)identity, feel free to do so.

Even so, the greatest value is to understand under what circumstances the bookmaker limits winning players, this is the key to the longevity of the account / profit.

I got also today limits! And same turnover and same profit!

When you done that other account? Ans where and same device or different? Same ip?

when you got limit account on bet365, can you still withdraw all balnance ?

yes ofcourse

Does somebody can share, how to avoid early limitation with a new account?