New bet365 accounts after getting gubbed

I know how to go and create a new account with a new device and sim etc etc, but i realise they never last as long as your first account. Would it be worth buying some of my friends bet365 accounts from them? Considering i trust them and they’ve been mug gambling on a weekly basis on those accounts for years. Thinking theres no reason why i wouldn’t get a decent stretch out of those accounts similar to my first account?

Those accounts are the best!

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thanks for the reply mate! And should you keep the same payment method theyve already been using and just transfer them money? would be eaiser to add a new one but don’t know if this will be a red flag

I would introduce as little “new” stuff as possible. Also I would not deposit more than 1000€ (or equivalent) into the account (unless that is what your friend used to do).