New: custom filters in ValueBetting web

A new version of ValueBetting web is just released!

You can now use custom filters to get detailed control of which value bets to display and how to sort them.

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It is definetly awesome to have these awesome new filters.
I would still love to chooce when im setting bet that do i want to hide all other bets from all other bookmakers when im doing bet! currently im using most of my time removing old ones from list after i have bet highest value.

bets available

And yes i know about option hide full event. I still need to have this option open since im limited and using many bookmakers to fill my stakes.

Hopefully you guys can help. also if bookies can be added… would be AWESOME. there is no limits :wink:

As you made the new filtering system, would be very helpful to add filters for match region and league name. That would be very easy as those elements are already on the bets image

and also will help us a lot filtering the results.
In the picture you can see the match region (central america) followed by the league name (CONCAF) .
So a filtering list can be made with each region and league and we will choose, exactly as we choose now the sports and the bet types…

That way when the notification hits you will know that it is a valid bet you like and wont be distracted by irrelevant notifications…

Veikkaus would Be great. To My knowledge they have API available to Make this happen.

Would be nice with filter based categorization for the sports. A filter for desired sport and the result something like:

(soccer) bet
(hockey) bet

Veikkaus is not so good bookmaker for ValueBetting. Odds are lower (compared to Pinnacle) and they don’t have Asian handicap bets. Only possibilities are threeway (1X2) and Over-Under with soccer. It’s really hard to find any value bets at Veikkaus.

Even just that fact there is no limits basicly is reason enough to add it. Also there is alot valuebets in veikkaus.

I would like to filter out youth games, u19, u21, u23 and so on! (Can’t play them here in sweden)

Thanks for all feature requests and good suggestions! I’ll forward this to the team and we’ll discuss this further. :relaxed:

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