New Features Request (Get involved)

Greetings RebelBetting community,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share my positive experience with RebelBetting PRO. As a value bettor, I have found the CLV value tracking feature to be particularly helpful in streamlining my betting process.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed using the service thus far, I have also identified a few areas that I believe could be improved upon. I would appreciate hearing feedback from other value bettors as well as the admin team regarding these points. Also please include any other features you would like to see.

1, Ability to add my own bookmaker to the tracker
I understand that it may not be possible to include every bookmaker in the service. However, when I receive notifications for a bet (ex.: on BWin) and then manually found better odds on some bookies you do not have (Tipsport) I would like to be able to add my own bookmaker to the tracker so that I know that the bet was placed with a different bookie (or at least a possibility to add a note to each bet). It will help me to keep things organized. I also sometimes place multiple bets on multiple bookies and that is also not possible to log into the tracker.
2, Ability to view odds for the same bet on multiple bookmakers
It would be helpful to have the option to view odds for the same bet on different bookmakers to make more informed decisions about where to place the bet.
3, Criteria for distinguishing top-tier and low-tier events
I would appreciate guidance on how RebelBetting distinguishes between top-tier and low-tier events. While it is clear that the Premier League and ATP would be considered top-tier, I am unsure about other events such as ITF and others. Can you give me a list of top-tiers and low-tiers?
4, Expansion of bookmaker options
I know this is a common request, but I would love for RebelBetting to add more bookmakers, specifically from Central Europe. Bookies like and operate in multiple countries and have constantly many value bets, with Tipsport being a better option when it comes to restrictions as it limits you generally much slower when compared to bet365 or BWin.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.