New functionality (I played 36000 betas I know what I'm talking about)

Hi, the problem I’ve encountered is that when playing 2 or more bookmakers at the same time when sorting from biggest to smallest valuebet removing the one at the top also removes the valuebets which are lower on the list with a lower percentage at the other bookmakers. For example:

AH-1 Barcelona on bet365 10%, on unibet 4%, sbobet 2%, all of these valuebets are worth playing while if the odds have changed on bet365 I cannot press REMOVE button because all bets will be removed (bet365, unibet, sbobet)

I miss possibility to remove bet for one bookmaker, it would definitely help


I know what you mean, but you can disable the automatic removal of bets from the same match. That works ok, but sometimes you need to remove alot of bets