New member in arbritage betting - Romania

Dear members,

I have discovered the arbitrage betting by accident this week, when my younger brother tried to convince me to bet on Trump for winning the US elections and because he became very insistent, I tried figuring out a way to bet on both candidates in such a way to win regardless of the final outcome. Please note that I have never placed any kind of bet in my life.Finally, I have found a bookie called smarkets who was giving an advantage to Trump, but unfortunately they don’t open accounts to Romanian citizens, nor the Romanian citizens are allowed by the Romanian gambling authority to open up accounts to bookies who aren’t authorized by the Romanian authorities, otherwise we get a fine between € 1000 - € 2000.

Therefore, I started looking into arbtitrage betting in the last two days, trying to make my own spreadsheet, browsing the top 10 bookmakers who are authorized in Romania. However, I noticed that I cannot keep the pace , so I started looking for advice on YouTube and I ended up here. I got investment funds ready for this around 5000 to 7000 euros and obviously, I got many questions for you and if you are kind enough to answer me in due course would be lovely. The first one is many bookies which are authorized here in Romania are also authorized in the UK and other parts of the world such us 888sports, betfair, unibet, admiral, etc, but they ask you to provide your social security number, how this will work out by using VPN to a different country who restricts Romanians? The second question is can I filter the bookies in rebelbetting so I can get odds only from those who have gambling license for Romania, if so , those odds I will get, will be the same let’s say for the Romanian Unibet version?

Because my post it’s getting to long I will refrain myself to this and look forward hearing your opinions.