New Pro Member - Tips

Hi Everyone,

I have just signed up to Value Betting Pro and am keen to gain as much information as possible. I have searched through all the guides, support articles and some of the forums and noticed there is quite a lot of information.

I have started initially with the standard recommended options for filters. I have initially gone with UniBet and WilliamHill as the first two bookmakers that I plan to use. I am basically just asking for some tips and pointers for new starters that can help guide me in the right direction. I would like to know what people think are the best bookmakers to use (i.e. ones that you can profit from for a while before being restricted)? I heard bet365 is very good but that’s my most important account for matched betting that I do so don’t want to risk that one just yet. Another thing I wanted to ask about are using exchanges… I have a Smarkets and Betfair Exchange account. The exchange value betting intrigues me a lot because Smarkets don’t restrict your account so the longevity of value betting on exchanges must be a good option.


One other thing I forgot to mention. Typically what kind of value % should I be looking for? I assume that extremely high ones such as 12% and above are obviously good profit-wise but may result in quicker account restrictions.