New release March 1 2023

Mostly improvements to subscription & payments:

  • You now get better information about your subscription on the user options page.
  • You now have the possibility of updating your payment method immediately for example if your credit card expires. (Also on the user options page).
  • Purchasing multiple subscriptions is now not possible. This will stop a lot of confusion and frustration.
  • Anti-hammer features added.

Also some earlier minor fixes that we haven’t posted about here:

  • Draw no bet are now displayed instead of “win” (on soccer) - this has previously caused some confusion with wrong bets placed on 1X2 for example.

Yes, saw the draw in February, but none of them are correct. Maybe you should look into that. Bet365, Unibet, MrGreen, Nordicbet and ComeOn, Draw nobet all wrong. Thought you should know.

Could you clarify what you mean that none are correct?

I just checked several bets for Bet365 and Unibet and it seems correct.

See examples here

(“Pengarna tillbaka vid oavgjort” is Swedish for “Draw no bet”)

Please explain what anti-hammer means

is it someone who dislikes West Ham Utd? :slight_smile:


No we just dislike people hammering our web servers.
Now we can track them and take them out :gun: :cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s a IT concept “hammering our servers”?

I thought so! :grin: Rate limiter is the more common term.

I mean this:


These were the only 2 bets I could see as draw this evening. But ALL of them are like this.
Could be just the danish websites, not sure. Just wanted to point out the problem.

Today I placed trades again. Here are some more examples:


@Noobish , not sure if I have misunderstood you, but Draw no bet is not the same as a regular Draw.

If you look further down on the page on Bet365 you should have the Draw no bet market. Perhaps it’s not available in the Danish specific site. But please check further down on the page.

The free month if you decide to cancel is removed?

Yes it was abused

Oh, my bad. Yes I was looking it wrong. Thanks.