New Starter and Question about recording results

Not sure if this is right place to post but just started on Pro membership

Only placed 3 bets but wondering if i can alter bets on the tracker. I,ve placed 3 bets and laid 2 off them. Can i add these lays on the tracker to show my correct profit/loss?

I,ll try and keep a record on here but am pretty confident it should work


Why are you laying? Or are u doing arbitrage betting?

I wasn,t really looking to lay but as the prices went in before the kck offs just decided to lay and might keep doing that but just putting more on (using exchanges)


Focus on volume and leave sour bets to variance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree 100%. By the time you finished your one Arb you could put down five VBs.

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Thx for the replys.

I understand what your on about but i don,t really have the Bankroll to ride out the possible variance and very worried about getting gubbed so i,ve decided to just use the exchanges and place larger bets.

There are miles fewer value bets on the exchanges and often at much higher odds so just gonna lay for now and try and scrape 5 or 6% on them (i pay 2% commision) and see how that goes.

I will update before my month runs out and see whether its worth carrying on.

GL Guys


I,ll update now actually.

Only done 31 bets and the biggest bets i have laid. I,ve generally just left the £10-£20 bets to ride so this graph will show me more in profit than what i actually am.

Still made slight profit though and the 1st target will be to get the subscription money back which i paid £89 for



I know its been explained on here before but can,t find the post.

The asian handicap betting on Bet 365 is confusing me.

I put this bet on as its the only place i could find my team with -1 but the value is 36% on it which must be wrong. The value price was supposed to be 1.8

Does someone have a link to the post?



I think your screenshot shows European Handicap (EH) which is a three-way handicap.
Asian Handicap (AH) is a two-way handicap.
Rebelbetting has excellent resources explaining the different betting markets. I suggest that you read up on them.
Check out this page (scroll down) and you will find explanation(s) to a lot of your questions.