New To Rebel Betting Not New Value

Hi all!

As the title explains I am super new to value betting in general but not new to the concept of value. For too long I have been using game insight and past/live stats to make +EV decision in football. I have the time to place many bets and the idea of betting on odds/line movements before closing is great.

That being said I do have a few questions for everyone :slight_smile:

-What are your thoughts on using a betting platform services that allows you to bet in one single place on a varray of bookies?

-I notice on these platforms, typically they don’t have bookies like bet365, WH, Betway and other sharp bookies but more so have soft bookies. That being said I see that the other bookies like Bet365 etc often have good lines and value. Should I just have individual logins and do it myself?

-When do you suggest betting on the match? I see hours before closing, 5% value and then later on realize it wasn’t +EV as the closing line had closed at 8% for example. What factors do you guys think about when deciding to place a bet besides time.

I appreciate the help and look forward to communicating more with everyone!

  • Don’t use sharp bookies for value betting. They are more “sharp” and you will rarely get good values.

  • I’m using 5-6 different bookies for rebel. Manually login to each and every site on my computer and have tab reload activated on each site så it doesn’t log me out.

  • I place my bets (soccer) up to 6 hours before the game start. Not more.