New to value betting

Hello guys I am quite new to value betting but i really like the concept. please I would like some tips on my settings such as kelly criterion, max and min odds so i can minimize loss and maximize profit.I want to start with a bank roll of 500usd and if i see progress i hope to push it up to 2000usd. I also want advice on how many bets i should place in a day

Hi! If you are new I suggest you rely on the default settings. Those are already enabled when you start, so no need to adjust anything other than your bankroll. Please check out the manual for more info.

On average, value betting members place around 30 bets per day. But this differs a lot. You should place as many bets as your time and bankroll allow. If you need personal guidance - just drop us a line in our support chat and we’ll help you as soon as we can (either via chat or email).

thank you very much. I also want to confirm that it states on the site if you dont make profit you wont be charged the subscription fee

Yes, please read all about the profit guarantee here. Note: The profit guarantee does not automatically kick in - giving you the next extra month free of charge. We are giving you the extra time to your account manually. So you need to contact support in order to get the extra month(s).