New User 2 weeks in

HI guys,

started about 2 weeks ago, bet365 only for now:



the 10h I increase during the week. I’m betting soccer/basketball.
Yeah, first 500 bets are not looking great.

should I change anythings or just keep going?

Hi mate, I’ve been doing RB for just over a year. I’ve used almost all possible bookies in the UK and now I’m working though family members. I currently only have 2 bookies (Bet365 and BetVictor). I’ve noticed the last three weeks on Bet365 I’ve been losing. It’s been a big down swing. I’ve had many down swings but this one was LONG. Just got to persevere. Personally I do 12h through the week and 6h on a weekend. I don’t have any sports excluded. I bet on everything that comes through.

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