New User, Big Problem?


I have been using the Standard Version for a few days and was seeing decent results, up around £125 according to my tracker. As I was updating my personal spreadsheet. I noticed my profit didnt match.

I couldn’t see where the difference was so started checking my bets and quickly found the following. A bet that the tracker said I had won, Bet365 said I lost.


On checking the result of the game, there were 176 points scored and the bet was for Under 157 so I definitely lost the bet. How is that the tracker showed a Win?

Even considering this error, my totals are still out which would imply other bets have been incorrectly recorded by Rebel Bettings Tracker.

I’m hoping I have made a mistake that somebody can point out otherwise its concerning that I’m paying £90 a month for software that does not work.


Thanks for reporting about this! We’ll look into it. If you see this again, please send the screenshots directly to us using our website support chat or email

This community is not our official support channel, and it may take a lot longer time to get a reply here than if you would use our chat/email function.


Thank you for bringing up the @Chris I am sure there are some bets that have incorrectly logged. Personally I do not track and check individual bets. I have placed over 40k bets. I do not waste time double checking the tracker. The growth of the BR on the betting account is my main tracker.
If you do spot a discrepancy then report it to the support team.