New user results a few weeks in

The results would appear to be as expected. I haven’t been account limited in any way. There are some lower level leagues where the bookies always have restrictions - they are not going to take large bets on Czech 2nd tier soccer. I have also received $120 in turnover bonuses and $475 in deposit match bonuses, so the monthly software cost has been easily covered. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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image 2

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Are u betting with american sportsbooks?

All but one are American. I also use Bovada which is Carribean.

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Could u show your sportsbooks list. Great results by the way

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Largest handle definitely Bet Rivers. Also use Parx, FanDuel, Draft Kings.


I’m 600 bets in now and took a look at the raw data. Based on the graph I produced I currently don’t see much value in events with more than a 12 hr start time in the future. The CLV seems as likely to be - as +. I currently have 18 hr as the max time and I’m now going to adjust down to 12 hr. The eyeball test on this dataset seems to show me that 12 hr is a sweet spot - you can start to see the graph get lopsided towards the + side.

Interesting. Let us know how it goes.
In my opinion you have way too few bets and the drawback with a reduced TTS is that it is more difficult to get many bets down and to flip the bankroll…