New Value Better!

Hi Guys,

I am nearly a month in as a new value better, things are going well and my results so far are as follows -

ROI - 144% (started with 1k)
EV - 8.1%
Average stake - £11
Av odds - 2.69
Profit - £1446
Bets - 1599 (average 80 per day)

I just wanted someone’s help with the following

My main bookies are William Hill, Partypoker but mostly bet365. I’ve been limited by unibet, 888 and Marathonbet.

I’m basically scared that I will get limited by my main three which would mean the end of the party. Is it better to use the same stake for every bet to continue going under the radar (which I’ve seen some members do) or to keep using the Kelly method which has worked up until now.

Also - does anyone know if it’s possible to use a VPN to access other bookies abroad? Has anyone done this and does it work?

I’d be grateful for any help, I’m loving the community here and read every post


Nice results…Mmmm I am trying to avoid limitations by following tipsters…also I use my phone internet and VPNs while using my computer. Erase cookies allmost all the time…