New version of ValueBetting web

A new version of ValueBetting web is just released.

  • Lightning fast! ValueBetting web is now 20 times faster. I bet you’ll feel the difference.

  • IOS bug resolved. A workaround has been made so you can now use the latest iOS version. Please let us know if you experience any issues still.

  • The sound alert notification no longer triggers when value bets disappear. Yay!

Happy value betting!

/The RebelBetting team

Works well so far! Glad you got the iOS problem resolved


Yes, finally! :sweat_smile:


Seems all of the displays have now converted from decimals to commas…

although the settings page now has a combination of both…

We’re aware of this and will fix :grimacing: Luckily, it’s mostly cosmetic.

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Thanks for the update, but I have been trying to check my bet Reports but it’s not responding since yesterday after the update.


Thanks for the update. We’ll look into this!

Also, please contact us via email or website chat for support inquiries, as this community is not our main support channel.

Alright! Thanks

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Thats awesome. Btw is there something wrong with o/u bets?? I have not received bets from that market for 3 days :pensive:

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yes. i have also noticed that

Thanks for reporting! We’ll look into this, but can you please first double-check your filters so you have enabled all sports and the O/U market?

O/U bets should be back now! Sorry for the inconvenience this caused.