New version relased 2022-11-14

A new version of Value betting and Sure betting has been released today.

For Value betting, option to bet on markets European Handicap and Double Chance. These markets will be enabled by default.

Minor cosmetic changes on Value betting and Sure betting.


Nice, let’s see how this will work. Will you add corners as well ?

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Theres so much juice in bets like corners, in throws and cards, so i highly doubt its worth it.

I havent seen a Double Chance or a European Hp bet show up yet, even though they are enabled…is there an issue…or do they not go live til the weekend?

Sorry, there was an issue! It will be fixed soon. Thanks for having patience.

There was unfrotunately a delay in when the actual bets were able to be shown in the applications. First we had to release a new update to the gui in order to be able to let the bets go through.

I see that as of yesterday there are bets placed on these markets. Although the number of bets wont be huge, its an increase to the total number of bets available!

I didnt find any bets at all…Im on value, are they only on pro?

Available in both Starter and Pro. Currently I see a couple on bookmaker BetClic. So it depends on which bookmakers you use.

ladbroke/coral/w hill/888/unibet/10bet/boyle

not seen any on mine above

I do not see EH market under settings. Why?

Thought they and you disabled it because it wasn’t profitable?

I am writing about the choice to select either one (EH and Double chance). I do not see any way of enabling them.

Sorry about this. Someone over here pressed the wrong button :slight_smile: The option is now available.

While it was missing anyone with the markets enabled would still have gotten bets, it was just the GUI which misbehaved.

Thanks for reporting.

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@Lars Are you sure it only was the GUI? I have not seen a single bet on those markets (granted I am currently only using B365) ever! Now the GUI works…