New version released today

This is new in the latest release:

  • One tab betting
    In ValueBetting web, you now have the option to always open bets in the same tab or one tab per bookmaker.

  • Automatic time zone & currency
    In ValueBetting web, time zone and currency will be automatically selected for new users.

  • No need for a username
    From now on, creating new user only (no matter which product you sign up for) requires only email, no username.

  • Autosurf in external browser
    In RebelBetting or ValueBetting software version, any bookmaker can now be opened in an external browser. This setting can be found in Options/bookmaker.


newreleasetoday !

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Bets are not settling with latest release. All bets since vb web upgrade showing as pending even if the match finished hours ago


Do you have a bug tracker? Very few of the sites I use work with autosurf, even after installing Firefox and Flash.

P.S. Flash should be avoided at all cost.