New video: Results after 5 MILLION value bets

Check out the results after 5 Million value bets!

These are real bets placed by you and me and all value betting customers. Congratulations on the great profit. :+1:

See the video below and take a deep dive into the statistics of 5 million placed +EV bets:

The result is statistically significant- proving that value betting really works. Luck has nothing to do with it - this is pure math.

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4211111€ profit / 5278284 bets = profit 0.8€ per bet
I think those are VERY POOR STATS

what about user statistics ? how many of them are in profit ? how many of them are in the negative ? (for profit users subtract their monthly subscription please)

You have to remember you took the average from ALL bets, and some users place a large number of small bets. However, I would argue that €0.8 for 60 seconds of work is not that bad :slight_smile: And if you have a larger than average bankroll, that number increases accordingly.

On an average month during 2022, users placing more than 500 bets:

  • 87% of users were profitable,
  • 13% were unprofitable
  • 80% made larger profits than 89 EUR (starter subscription)
  • 75% made larger profit than 179 EUR (pro)

And this is for ONE month.

Whats the average profit for standard and pro users in july?