Newbie looking for advice re: long-term prospects

Hi all.
Just started this yesterday. Hit it lucky the first day though I know that it’s swings-and-roundabouts so it will even itself out.
Have any of you guys been on here for a long-time? Ie can you vouch the viability of this if I stick with it. I do understand the principles of value betting, variance etc but some other real people vouching would be useful too.
Most the posts I read here were a few guys disgruntled because their first few days/weeks didn’t go as planned.

Also, I don’t use a VPN and often get directed from the site to the bets. Is this likely to raise alarm bells at my bookies and jeopardise my accounts there? My average bets are only about £30, if that makes any difference.

Many thanks to anyone who can help and advise me here!