Newbie results with Unibet


I started value betting about a week ago. I decided to do a test with Unibet before going to bet365.

It started off OK but then profits tanked below CLV. I have some questions:

-My stakes got limited very quickly after a few days so the max bet size I can place is generally less than 5 pounds is thsi normal?

-Also Ive noticed that a bunch of my bets started getting voided - is this normal?

  • Are my settings OK? I disabled the over/under market as I seemed to be losing money there

I Wanted to get some advice before heading over to bet365 as I know that is the most valuable account to have



Your stakes getting limited to 5 pounds is normal, in other words, they(bookmaker) doesn’t want your business. If staking 5P is worth your time then go for it, also you can get down more on game even as you’re gubbed by staking different lines such as -1 Spread, -2.5 spread, over 2.5, over 3.5 on the same game. Just make sure to change settings on your rebel account to remove only placed bet from your

Your bets getting voided; I’ve never used unibet but since they reserve the right to do so have gubbed your account, you shouldn’t be surprised. This’s normal.

Your settings are okay mate, maybe try increasing your odds range to 2.7 and increase minimum edge to 3.5 and 4.5(on weekends with time around 6 hours)

Void bets are from asian handicap. When the game ends in a draw after applying the handicap, you get your stake back as a void bet.

Ohh, though you worded it as if unibet was manually voiding your bets after placement.