Newbie - some general questions/requests

Hi everyone!
I’m new here; I started using RebelBetting last week and already got some interesting profit results. That said I have some questions an requests.

First: I believe that unibet is sort of “soft blocking” me, meaning in many cases I can place very small bets (sometimes even under one euro). Is this normal, or is this because I am betting in smaller leagues? It looks like that when betting on bigger leagues limits are higher, but it clearly is difficult to make a big profit when placing 1 euro bets.

Second: I have read the guides about how to bet, but I think you should add some site specific examples (at least for the biggest ones), possibly connected to the betting page. For instance I did made some mistake at the beginning, as I believed “1X2” and “Win” were the same kind of bet, it took me a while (and some money lost) to understand that Win is used with “draw no bet”.

Thank you for reading!


Draw no Bet should be noted as DNB…or “0” AHP so we understand, because 1X2 everywhere else except RB means win draw lose

Yes, or at least “Win - draw no bet” so that even for newbies it is clear…