Newbies question

I am just starting out my arb journey and before i begin i want to measure all the risks so i have some questions.

  1. Should avoid very low odds or too high?

  2. Why is recommended to use vpn? If bookmaker understand i use vpn will not bring troubles?

  3. If my account get banned i will get all my money back as i saw people telling? Also will i face problems with law?

  4. I dont have a betfair account to login on RebellBetting software but i can access their odds with bet broker. How can i enter Betfair in RebelBetting without Betfair login on software so i get arbs from betfair too?

All I know is that you won’t face any legal trouble as they would be unable to prove that you are using a software to help place your bets

Thank you for the response. Do you have any info also for question 2 and 4 ?

Sadly no my friend haha I don’t want to provide you misinformation :slight_smile:

About 2: I don´t use a VPN to bet and I avoid it. I know some people here use them to bet in restricted countries and so on…
BUT I think it is dangerous because the bookies can say "you are betting from a restricted (for them) country, we don´t pay people in X (insert a country).
Per example, I would like very much to bet in WilliamHill, but they don´t allow brazilian persons to bet there. I could use a VPN and bet but… when I try to withdrawl, they can ask for my address details, bank details, ID details… and ALL WILL SAY: BRAZIL!
And I think, just think, maybe someone with experience with VPN can answer better, they will say: you should not bet here, ever… your earn money (and maybe your input money) can be hold.

Thank you for your response. Any other advice will be much appreciated to avoid future loss limitations or find a reliable bookmaker.

I am blocked in a lot of bookies.
Tips: don´t do too many withdrawls. Avoid betting in weird leagues (like soccer in gabon). Some say avoid betting in “fractions”, so if the soft says “bet 156”, bet 150… rouding the number.
In some bookies, like marathonbet, they catch you very fast… some are slow.
Some people say that betting, even small amounts in the bookie´s cassino can slow the blocking process.
But, in any case, sooner or later, block happens. The most important: till now, every bookie gave my money back. Even 1xbet, that I HATE, gave my money back.

i am trying to test the software and i noticed a few things .
I am using 9 bookies and most arbs i get are for future dates.
So if i bet on future arbs like 3-4 days before that will not be an alert for bookmakers?
Also i dont get many arbs for known leagues during Monday to Thursday and the unknown leagues most of times have limit on betting amount.
So i am trying to figure out how many arbs i can play per day and maybe that is a wrong thinking
and might be better to sum bets per week.
I am also betting on sports specific on basketball as i am quiet good and might delay to be blocked.
Lastly if i am bothering you with questions just tell me. haha

I would like to have conversation with you about that. I saw that many arbs are poping between bwin and pinnacle and 888sport. The main problem is that the only showed arbs are from obscure leagues because the famous games are under steong control and odds moving pretty fast cause they are very volatile. I think that there is no problem fro using vpn but only if you have made verifications in the beginning including adress registration (someone must make the acc for you.

bet 365 and william hill can detect some vpns and l not let you login

365 can detect some vpns so can wh and will not let you login