No bet-at-home bets since new layout

Does anyone get value bets from bet-at-home since they changed the layout 2-3 days ago? I do not

We’re on it!


Still nothing :frowning:

Sorry, we try to get them back asap! Sometimes it takes a little while. Thank you for having patience. :blush:

To add to Hannas reply, we are waiting for information from bet-at-home regarding their new site. So unfortunately it’s out of our hands at the moment. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! Thanks for understanding.

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Any updates on this?

After a few reminders from us to bet-at-home, we’ve finally received the info needed to get them back up and running again. Hopefully we can complete this early next week (a bit short staffed here at the moment). Thanks for understanding!

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great! thanks for the update :slight_smile:


is there also an issue with betfair sportsbook? @Bjorn I don’t receive any vb anymore :frowning:

I’m seeing the same thing with 888sport. No bets all weekend. Any updates on when this will be back as well?

At the beginning of which next week? Days and weeks go by and still nothing happens…

Yep, and there haven’t been any alerts on netbet for many weeks either…

The most likely explanation for low volume on small books is; the margins are pretty high as their business module is 80% profit 20% customer retention/satisfaction.

Big popular books like bet365, Unibet, who priorities customer retention and view it as a long-term business have low margins, because they believe they will make more from the customer in the long run if they retain him/her by offering nice odds(resulting in large volume for valubets), bonuses, and besides they have a lot of customers so low margins-high turnover is how they roll. Small books on the other hand are high margins-low turnover, you might even encounter issues when you want to withdraw.

In summary, I’m saying always try to stick to the big books as they provide more volume, less stress (kyc). Low/no volume on those small books is as a result of what i explained above. You might still see valubets but they are rare and low percentage (<4).

But this is not the answer to the question of when it starts to work be-at-home…