No bet brokers for the UK?

After 6 months of very good results I’ve finally been limited by Bet365 and I’ve been trying to do some research into bet brokers so I can get onto the likes of Pinnacle.
The 3 recommended ones are BetInAsia, SportMarket and AsianConnect, of which only the latter is apparently accepting people from the UK like me. But every time I try to go on the site i get hit with an “ACCESS DENIED” message:

“The page that you are trying to access has been restricted in this location due to its regulatory rules. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Which implies that in fact the UK is also excluded from there. So does this mean I have no access to any sort of broker for the Asian markets?

betfair exchange or smarkets??

if they accept people from uk just use vpn and play.

They have to fill address. Billing address and living address must match