No Bet365, no Pinnacle — what to do?

Hello, everyone!

Pretty new to this value betting thing so I’m still cautious about diving into it. The thing is, I live in a country where RebelBetting only lists odds for three bookmakers — Betano, Betclic and Bwin. Bet365 used to have a licence here but due to regulations, taxes and whatnot they’ve been out of the market since 2020 and with no return in sight. Same goes for Betfair, Unibet, Pinnacle, and many other well known options for VB.

All in all, would VB with these three bookmakers suffice? All I see in the forum thus far are references to Bet365, Unibet and others which aren’t available, and the last Betano and Bwin mentions I saw here were somewhat negative.

I also know there’s the alternative of using betting brokers. However neither are available in my country of residence.


It’s imposssible to use this software to bet on Pinnacle or bet brokers

I just saw that Pinnacle and brokers are only available in RB Pro so indeed, this option is off the table for now.

With that in mind should I just skip RebelBetting and use it when I move to a place where Bet365 is available? Since it seems VPN connections don’t work with it either.

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Is there a reason why you do not state the country plainly?

Thank you!

And there’s no reason at all for that. I live in Portugal.

I’m also Brazilian, so I was also thinking of using that to my favour somehow with a VPN. But AFAIK Bet365 just blocks you from the platform when you use it, and I didn’t see any (trustworthy) service offering Brazilian dedicated IPs.