No seach function at bet365

I lost my money at svenska spel and atg, so the only site im playing at is bet365. Especially Asian handicap in combination with basketball has been draining me, (except for nba). But now theres another problem, has anyone seen this?

When i press the seach box in the upper left corner, i end up with a black screen.
So i have no way to find the bets.

Looks like your using the Bet365 website on your mobile phone?

I have the Bet365 app on my phone, this has a good search feature. So maybe try the app instead of the website?

I use the Bet365 website on my laptop and the search feature is very good, although I appreciate you may not be using a laptop.

It is a problem in you phone, try the official app or use a computer.
365 search is ok for me, mobile and desktop.

Thanks i didnt think of that, it worked with the app, :+1: