[Not a bug, improvement incoming] Bet tracker settling outcomes incorrectly

Anybody having issues with bets being logged incorrectly in the bet tracker. i had a bet logged as a win today and the event has not taken place today. last night i had 4 bets logged as a void when infact they had lost, this makes me wonder how many times this has taken place

Yes, I also have this situation. It leads to a deviation of about 10%

The tracker is changing lost bets to won and void which would make the member’s results look better. Oh dear. Happened to me too tonight. I joined 5 days ago and going to check the other bets. Ill post my findings

This should not happen. Can you please email support@rebelbetting.com with examples of wrongly settled bets, and we’ll take a closer look. Thanks!

Is anyone having issues with results not tracking correctly? I’ve just by chance spotted a bet which settled on the tracker as “void”, but is a loss with the bookie. Because of this I’ve tracked back and found a couple more instances of this happening in just the last 24 hours. Manually correcting these “void” bets has already put a downswing on my numbers, who knows how much worse it will get going further backwards.

Feels a bit pointless having the software if we need to check the results one by one to verify them…


Please contact support via our website chat or email support@rebelbetting.com and let us know which bets you are referring to. We will check this!

We rely on external result services to settle around 15.000 unique markets every day that has received bets from RebelBetting members.

No data provider is perfect, and there will always be a few mistakes every month. If the input is wrong there is unfortunately nothing we can do.

Most members never experience problems, but there seem to be some that are affected more than normal. This might be a systematic error somewhere, so please tell us so we can fix it!

Reasons for this can include:

  • Country-specific rules might differ from the international rules, for example, Bet365 has different overtime rules on Basket for Italians (!) The result services doesn’t include this information, so there is no way for us to know.
  • The user has been betting on the wrong odds (for example3-way instead of 2-way).
  • Sometimes it’s a data matching error, for example a women’s team being incorrectly lumped together with the men’s team. Please notify us if you suspect this has happened and we’ll fix it.
  • The result services we use sometimes make mistakes, and later correct it. This will be reflected in your BetTracker.
  • Cancelled tennis matches are usually left unsettled because there will be no result from the services. You need to manually settle these.

In this case you bet on the wrong market. You bet on 1X2 (home win) instead of a draw no bet.

Same thing here. These bets had between 28 and 35% value, which should be a red flag.

How we will help

I understand this can be confusing (especially for beginners), so in the next release we will display “draw no bet” on winner markets on soccer, so mistakes like these will be much less likely.