Not seeing any 10Bet (SBTech) bets anymore for a while

Hello everyone, was wondering if something happened with 10Bet (and other clones). I can’t find any bet anymore in RB, whatever the setting I use.

Thanks in advance for helping !

did you report it to the support? If not, then please do.

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Will sure do, but was curious to see if it was a general issue or just me ! thanks !

Ive reported this > 2months ago…the development team are supposed to be working on it. They say they no longer have permission to receive odds from them, but are trying to get them back on board. Other Providers have access to 10 Bet , so not sure why its just RB that cant

Okay thanks for the feedback. That’s interesting. I’ve always wondered what was the process to get the odds. Thought it was some sort of scrapping. But if they even ask for permission, well that’s very polite :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been particularly negatively impacted, as 10Bet is my only Soft that hasnt gubbed me :frowning:

Yes, I haven’t seen 10bet odds for a while, hope they bring them back

Same here, even on 1xbet too

Hi there,
which are the clones of 10bet you use?
Thanks in advance!

Mate …you know very well the 10 bet issue was reported by me several times.over a period of weeks and theyve still done nothing about it…you even pointed out to me, saying Id Hijacked a post by mentioning it again .

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…we are working hard on this issue. We are doing a lot of stuff back end to get it to work. So please don’t imply that we do nothing to solve this. Thank you.