O/U bets with Bet365 on ice hockey

I get suggested bets with Bet365 on ice hockey like so:

“O(4.5), regular time”

My understanding is that this is an “Alternative Total 2-way” bet in Bet365. But, Bet365 settle those bets on overtime totals and not regular totals. The 3-way totals (which settle on regular time) are integers, so it can’t be that bet. What am I mis-understanding?

Another one just came up. “ U(6.5), regular time”. From Bet365 rules:

“All bets include overtime/shootouts unless otherwise stated.“

They then state:

“ The following markets exclude overtime/shootouts for settlement purposes… Game Total (3-Way)“

But no mention of two way totals. So this bet seems impossible to place. Clearly I have not understood something. Can anyone help?

I noticed the same thing and do not really understand that

Ok glad it’s not just me.

Essentially the system is giving you false arbs. They just don’t exist. Usually the ice hockey ones are quite lucrative, say, 3-4%. I actually lost at least £200 so far mis-placing these false arbs :frowning:

Same here.
I lost out on an Arb because of this. That makes a significant hole in the profit! As per the rules (and I just finished a chat with Bet365) the 2-way market is including OT and penalty shoot-out (verify with your sport-book/market). Goal line and alternate Goal line does excludes the OT.
It is weird that the RB odds for the O/U matches the 2-way market when that leaves the better exposed.

This bug is still there, those bet365 hockey o/u bets should not be played. This should be fixed.

have you looked at Asian lines on Bet365? Those are usually settled in regulation time.