Observation regarding 1% or even -ve EV bets

I am not technically minded about YIELD, EV,CLV, etc I am only interested in making a PROFIT on a bet.

We’ve all done this, placed a bet and the odds jumped instantly (it happens a lot on 10Bet for me)…
you cringe when youve just bet on -2.58%!!! arghh…but when checking later , you see it WON! A profit is a profit…Ive found this happening a lot …Would it be a catastrophe tearing up the rule book and taking my EV down to 1% and thus increasing the amount of available bets??
Insights form people who have also noticed this , or from experienced Value Betters comments would be most welcome.

Catastrophe?! No.
Bad for the profit? Most likely.

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How so? If your bet wins at -2.6% or +2.6% a profit is still welcome isnt it? It will be the same amount regardless, as the Teams involved arent playing with the knowledge of their odds movements

You’re gonna loose in the long run if you don’t beat the clv and -2.6 isn’t beating clv so any bets like that that win are/is just variance and luck

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I agree , and indeed, there is no setting to source -ve EV bets :slight_smile: I was just saying that they can and do still win…but over 10000 bets you would lose

Come on Audiman… You know better than this.

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Of course :slight_smile: And as I said above, >10000 bets at -CLV will see you in the poor house! And , of course betting at - EV is NOT value betting, its gambling