October has been an incredibly profitable month for value betting, any reason for that?

Hello RB community !

I just checked the general member results for October and we can see it’s been a outstanding month for the community ! (I myself had a good one !). Congrats hehe !

Although I am well aware that variance is probably the main reason behind this, I am still wondering if we can spot some interesting trends. Was there some specific markets overperforming ? Baseball and Basket has been very good for me for example. More interesting, did we notice a better average edge on those markets that would explain better performance during the month ?

I don’t know if @Simon has some interesting highlights to share ?

Interestingly enough, November seem to be give us a tougher start with negative variance until now. Let’s surf those waves with confidence :wink:


Yes fantastic value betting results in October!

Results can be viewed here

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Thanks Simon, I was thinking, it would be interesting to have a bit more of a deepdive per sport/market ^^

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