Odds different between rebelbetting and 1xbet

Is anyone here’s have a problem with different odds between that displayed on Value Bet and on the 1xbet site?

The situation with 1xbet is a bit different than other bookies since they limit you by changing the odds, not always by limiting your stake. It’s a bit weird.

So, unfortunately, it’s nothing we can control. You can check this by looking at the odds when you’re not logged in, and then look at the odds after you have logged in. Did the odds change? If you then log out again, and the odds are the same as the first time you looked at them, you have been limited.

Check out these tips on how to avoid limitations - have you followed those tips?

I can get 1 bet with the right odds out of 10-15 bets that the software gives me, is quite annoying but the amounts of bets given for 1xbet seems unlimited so it just takes longer