Odds on Bet365 never matching the odds suggested by the RB tool


odds, mainly on Bet365, are 99% off and don’t match the value suggested by the tool.
Is anyone else expereincing this issue?


I have experienced the same thing with Bet365. Almost all the odds that I see on the software are outdated.

I see. I would say 95% are but still it’s a bad statistic.

Maybe they have plugged a leak?
I will watch with interest now.

About 80% of line are not outdated for me. Most of the oudated lines are from ncaab or nba

I don’t know if it has to do with different domains but in the greek version of bet365 80% of the values are outdated.

Germany as well.

Thanks for your feedback.

We see a high number of bets being placed each day so it’s working well for parts of the user base at least.

Higher % outdated
George_Stardust: Germany
aekpuyol: Greece

Lower % outdated
TonyTwist, youriberen: which region are you in if I may ask?

Netherlands. Most of the time when a match pops up on the software and I immediately go to the match, the odd is already changed.

Now I am almost getting nothing from Bet365.
As an engineer, I struggle to understand how this strategy will profit me long term when in reality the bets you can place are 30/day at most.

Im from Canada