One year with ValueBetting


One year with ValueBetting

One year has passed since ValueBetting was released. Thanks for your support throughout the year, outsmarting the bookmakers and making money on sports.

Some statistics from the ValueBetting community

  • A whopping quarter of a million bets have been placed the last two months alone.
  • Average yield - profit per euro staked - is currently 3.0%
  • 10 customers have earned more than €4000 per month (often for several months in a row)
  • Almost made Bet365 go bankrupt (not really, but wouldn’t that be something! :wink: )

More statistics will be published in the following weeks and months.

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P.S If you’re curious to see what others have to say about ValueBetting, feel free to ask people in the community and check out more testimonials on our website.

" I love this type of platform where there is the possibility of making risk-controlled investments that give long-term returns. " - Agostino, Italy, October 2019

Almost made Bet365 go bankrupt

Yeah… And sure enough, Bet365 started to limit me just after this announce… Damn

Sorry to hear that. For how long have you been able to run unlimited with them?

About 1 year, even if serious betting (in terms of stake amount and average bets per day) took place only in the course of last 6 months or so.