Opinions on Avoiding Limitations

Hi all,

I’m a few hundred bets into a bankroll of £5,000 split evenly across five bookmakers (Bet365, bwin, 10bet, betclic, and TitanBet). And I’m hoping to invest all winnings into further accounts to increase my access to more bets.

I’m going to be left with a decision to make when I (hopefully) get to a bankroll of £10,000. And I was just wondering which is going to be the best to avoid getting limited:

  1. Should I continue to roll my money over in these five accounts? I’m staking 0.3% of my bank currently (so £15 per unit), so once I reach £10,000 then it will be £30. Downside – will that be a suspicious amount for a relatively high volume of bets?

  2. Should I withdraw £5,000 (once I’ve doubled my initial bankroll) from across my accounts and open an additional five betting accounts of £1,000 (reduce staking to 0.15% to keep at £15 and have liquidity in accounts) and have access to more bets on a daily basis? Downside – bookmakers won’t be liking the fact that I’m withdrawing my money.

What do people think is best for growing my bankroll and avoiding limitations?

Thanks in advance! And thank you Rebelbetting for a great service thus far.


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