Opposite AH betinasia

Hello fellow rebelbettors,

Does anyone know why after selecting a positive AH on the match screen I see a negative AH on the ticket?

For instance in the screenshot below I selected AH +0,5 yet in the top left corner I see -0.5.

If nobody here can answer then ask the support on Betinasia.

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with AH 0.5 line…one team receives the 0.5 and appears as +0.5…the other gives 0.5 and appears as -0.5. Maybe you should have bet on Bath City in this example to see the +0.5.

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Thanks for your answer, I’ve made extra sure to select the the +0,5 and this only happens on certain games. Regardless I now make sure to triple check my betting ticket before placing any money.

Haven’t seen this bug anymore today, so seems to be all good now anyways.

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Glad to be of help!