Our best tips to avoid bookmaker limitations 🎓

How to avoid bookmaker limitations

Bookmaker stake restrictions are one of the most common concerns. That’s why we’ve created this video for you with our best tips to avoid bookmaker limitations.

Whether or not you have experienced restrictions already, or are running unlimited, there are some practices to follow to prevent further limitations. Check it out:

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Some more tips, mostly from moderator Lm10 (edited for clarity):

  • Don’t deposit your entire bankroll at once, use smaller sums
  • Don’t withdraw until you’re limited
  • Round your stakes like a normal punter would do
  • Throw in a few bets on your favorite team (preferably on low odds) to make you look more normal
  • Place smaller normal sized bets to begin with, like €10.
  • If you have the patience, bet like a normal sucker for 3 months and lose some money. If you’re lucky, you will avoid their checks, and can then value/sure bet for longer.

Some tips if multi-accounting:

  • Don’t use the same computer. And absolutely never the same web browser.
  • Best is to use a new device and a new sim card that you haven’t used on the bookmaker before
  • Don’t connect to the same wifi as former device, prefer mobile (4G, 5G)
  • Use incognito mode
  • User-agent switcher for Chrome (pick the most common one)

Test how anonymous you really are (fingerprinting):

More things to try (unknown benefit / risk):


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