Over/Under betting

Can anyone please tell me where to find the over/under markets for whole goals (integer values such as O(2), O(3) etc. I can only find ‘half goal’ values on UK sites, eg over 2.5 goals, under 0.5 goals etc. Thanks in anticipation.

On 365, check alternative asian total/goal. 3.25 is written like this 3.25=3,3.5 3.75=3.5,4 4.25=4,4.5

Hi, lm10, and many thanks, I will look at that. The problem I still have is that there are a lot of value bets showing whole figure bets e.g. Campden Town O(3) but no matches on the bookie’s site. There will be O(2.5) or O(3.5) Yes, I know that 3 or mire is over 2.5 but the odds for 2.5 will be much lower, so no value in them. Does O(3) mean “3 or more”? That is to say, does O(3) include exactly 3 goals? Even so, UK bookies still don’t have the O(3) market. Over 3.5 would do it but if exactly 3 are scored then a ‘winning’ bet would not pay out.

I use bet 365 and 5dimes so i don’t usually have a problem finding 3,2 etc wasn’t the case with William hill though… mostly whole numbers there eg 2.5,3.5.

Anyways this varies by bookie so…

On bet365, you should find it under the “asian handicaps” next to “Popular” and “Bet builder”. (not sure if these are the correct translations for them as I am using my local country language)

Also if you bet on O(3), then 0-2 goals means loss, 3 goals mean void (getting back the stake), winning on 4+.

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