Over/Under on Bet365

@Simon: Please see the suggestions above. Appreciate your thoughts in advance.

I came across a potential glitch in the system. For the second time in the past few days a match was logged as “Void” however result was actually “Lose”. Both matches were placed at Bet365.

One of these two matches was:


Derived from my Bet365 history:


I changed the result from Void to Lose since it impacts my figures. I corrected the second one and didn’t mark which match it was…

Are you aware of this phenomenon?

Thanks if you guys are looking into this.

@Simon I have checked the historical data at my 365 account, looked up matches with “Void” result for March and April. This is the summary table of my investigation:

As you can see this kind of discrepancy impacts our virtual profitability in a significant way. As we always refer to the figures in RB platform which contains some corrupt data as you can see. If I want to see the clear picture with reliable data then I have to have an excel and follow-up the “Void” results and fix the discrepancies in the log. I haven’t checked other bookmakers as of now, there could be more discrepancy.

I believe this is something that you developers should consider to fix because it has a negative impact on our results and also influences the overall statistics of yours.

Thanks for looking into it, appreciate if you can share future updates and your thoughts with us down the road.

Oh, I understand now, just checked it again in my bet slip.

So stands here an example for others no to commit the same failure.

When RB shows something like this:


This is a 3-way bet, isn’t it? Because at Bet365 the only way to find O (2) bet is to use the bet builder (let me know if I’m mistaken):


So based on Jakob’s feedback this supposed to be a 2-way bet. To me the difference between what is shown on RB platform and what I find on Bet365 is not obvious.

Could we indicate that O (2) is a 3-way bet? It says Over/Under which is true and it doesn’t say if it’s 2-way or 3-way bet. Did I interpret this right?

There you go, I will use Asian Lines then. The reason it is confusing because Asian bets are excluded from my bets:


Therefore my interpretation was that over/under bets can only be either win or lose, void is not an option. I was shocked when you told me the situation above.

It wouldn’t harm to say at least to indicate the interpretation of over/under value bets. We have new members who are new to this value betting profession, I paid the price, they shouldn’t.

Gabor, sorry you placed the wrong market. The bookmakers sometimes present their odds in a confusing way, and organize and name them slightly differently. Over/under is not the same as “asian handicaps”, but they are organized under the “Asian” headline.

Thans Simon, I got it. It is a lessons learned hope others will read this post before placing bets at Bet365.

What I have found is that generally, Over/Unders with whole numbers will be listed under Asians, whereas O/U like 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc will be listed in the O/U section

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