Pending bets and bankroll

Hi all,

Just started and a quick q - how do you and how should you keep your bankroll updated when you have multiple pending bets? Some bets are in 24 hours for example and I still have bankroll available and will bet a lot tomorrow, should I be adjusting my bankroll including my cumulative profit?


RB have a good article on BR management.
BR management

Nice thank you.

Another q, I have a lot of pending bets atm can I turn off adjust for open bets or should I wait for other bets to settle?

Just trying to make sure I start right :sweat_smile:

I just answered the same question the other day and other members also added their thoughts. Search around a bit on the forum. There is no need to ask questions that already been answered… Check the link below.

Yeah I read that thread, I’m more wondering if it’s an issue to switch AFOB off while you’ve got pending bets open, as I understand it a lot of my former bets would’ve been made with smaller stakes because I had AFOB on?

Explained in the RB article were strategies. For example you can take half the outstanding bets and manually reduce your BR, with that amount, when turning of AFOB.