Personal suggestions

Hello everyone, I’ve only been with valuebetting for a week but I have a couple of suggestions that I think could really help, let’s see what you think:

-The first is something purely visual, it would be nice if you hover over the percentage of the value (for example), which will show the odd that is used as a reference to assign that value.

-The second one I really think is very interesting, it would be to add a new notice in the tracker section if the odds you have entered have not changed in the bookmarker you used, and the value has disappeared with respect to the sharp boomarkers that are taken into account. In order to cash out the bet and not play it without value.

Feel free everyone to comment anything!

I think seeing the closing line value as a bet gets closer to action would be a useful stat as well especially on sites with cash out options.

In addition, I wish we would be able to manually enter a trade. There have been a number of times in which I was kicked out on the window or it did not log for some reason and the the value disappeared, but I was about to obtain the value at the quoted odds.

Now I’m stuck with a positive trade but no way to record, and I feel I like I now need to cash it out or net on the opposite site and take a small loss.