Pinnacle, Bet365, Will Hill & 888 Sport (Value Betting)

Hi Folks,

Definitely interested in tying out the VB software but am wondering the following:

If I am limited to Pinnacle,Bet365,Will Hill & 888Sport am I going to have enough of a market to get enough bets in?

I am ultra conservative with my bankroll, but I am wondering what the “maxiumish” bank roll one could use to deploy this strategy.

Thanks for any thoughts

WickedByz99 hello,
You will have to be disappointed with this question.
What I will tell you is from personal experience.

Pinacles - are very good and the scanner does not catch anything. I’m telling you straight away.
Bet365 - quickly limit and then close the account. Also not for long-term use.
Will Hill and 888Sport - I do not have a personal opinion.

The question which sportsbooks to choose is fundamental. We are all looking for an answer to this question.
He tells you that for now SBOBET is a good alternative. I have not found others, but I hope there is somewhere in the world. European sportsbooks are conservative and quickly sniff and punish.