Poor Results - After 1000 bets

Hi everyone,
Hope that you all are keeping well.
I have been using Rebel, since 1st March and placed just over 1000 bets, with a turnover of about 8.5K have been mainly using BET365 but after so many bets and time I am only showing a profit of 62 euro. I have to be honest, I have really enjoyed it but I am disappointed with the results. My chart looks more like a mountain range then a gradual climb. I know variance impacts on results but finding it tough going. My settings seem to be alright so maybe, I am just not placing enough bets and therefore variance is more notable. My average stake size is about 8 euros.
Any ideas would be of valuable assistance.

Kind regards


I’m a bit behind you in number of bets, but I have had good results thus far. Yes, the variance can be crazy as I have had massive hot and cold streaks. I have seen a few messages on the board talking about 5000 bets to really wash out all the hot and cold streaks. It’s a tough grind with such a small average stake, but I suppose that’s due to restrictions. Perhaps others have thoughts as well.

Thank you for the input.
It is certainly a grind, I will keep going and see how the next 1000 bets go, almost breaking even after so much work and at the moment I am down the subscription. Hopefully things will turn around and will keep you posted.
Thanks again and happy punting.

try to reduce time before kickoff and avg odds

When I had access to a B365 account earlier this year I placed over 4k bets in two months.
If you shorten the time to start you will get slightly better CLV but the trade-off is also significant lower volume of bets.