poor results with bet365

I used rebelbetting in 2021 and 2022. Now that I’ve found other bet365 accounts I’m doing valuebet again but the results seem much poorer than before. After more than 2k bets I’m making money just from tennis. Furthermore, handicaps and under/overs are always below. excluding the cost of the subscription, it is €100 in 2 months.

Welcome back. If you have done value betting before then you know that there are ups and downs.
I have no idea about your settings… Default works pretty good.
IMHO in two months you should have at least 3k bets.
Did you have a question or you just wanted to … “share”?

I know there are ups and downs but when I have used RebelBetting in the past I have never obtained such poor results and therefore I wanted to understand if it is simply a negative period or if the performances have dropped

Depending on whom you ask you will get different answers.
The latest video with the accrued results shows a fantastic yield of 5%. I am at 4+ and very happy with the results.

I was honestly hoping for better results…

Well… I would be disappointed as well. My last run I more than quintupled my money in less than 2 months. But then, I probably put in more effort than what you have done. :innocent:

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In 2 months did you make 500%? It seems impossible to me. How many values ​​have you placed and with what parameters?

I see that you often reply by saying that you have multiplied your cash flow fivefold in a short time. Do you have a tracker that can prove it or is that just bullshit?

I do not understand what you mean by cash flow… If you mean the bankroll then you are right. It was inaccurate but I would not call it BS.
It was actually closer to 1000% in two months. Started with 5k SEK on that account and cashed out over 60k SEK. Placed over 4k bets. The last few weeks of the period the account was limited so was just milking the last drops… I am happy with the yield though.
What about the settings do you want to know?
If i share my settings and it goes well then I am a genius; if it goes bad then I am giving crazy advice.

Those results are absurd. I just exceeded 4000 bets and I’m not even 100%. The odds range from 1.4 to 3.2. Do you bet on all sports?


No. Not all sports and that is from pure “time-economical” reason. There are just too few bets and takes too long time for me to find the correct market and bet. By then I could have placed two other bets on the sports that I am familiar with.

Looking at the graph and my result it is obvious that I was lucky to have that steep increase just before I was limited. Even without that increase I would be happy with the outcome.